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React has become one of the most popular open-source projects worldwide for the development of modern and high-performance web applications. Small companies as well as corporations benefit from solid and secure web apps. Our frontend specialists from duna.digital have implemented complex web applications with React over the past few years and have built up a lot of expertise as a React agency.

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“We as the netgo group see ourselves as a trusted advisor for smart and intelligent digitization. Our IT solutions optimize our customers; business and are the backbone of their business success. In order to ensure the increasing demand with consistent quality, we work together with DUNA. With DUNA we have a reliable partner who gives us the necessary flexibility and scalability that todays project business requires.”

Lease a Talent

We help strengthen your team. For example with an additional frontend specialist.


That depends entirely on the system. Our frontend developers are IT specialists for a wide variety of technologies, languages, and frameworks. In the case of existing projects (legacy projects), the technicality must first be built up – that is to say, our developers must first understand the system completely, since each project is structured differently, even within the same stack. For this purpose, we are happy to offer a code review after a personal consultation. Should we feel comfortable in the area, we are also happy to accept legacy projects for further development.

DUNA is a 360° agency for web development. We not only offer the technical component, but also the web design, or UX and UI design. However, we also offer personnel only for technical development or only for design.

That depends on the individual case. We have our own workflows within the teams and set a very high quality standard for mockups and web designs. If the design and processes fit these standards, we can also implement external designs. Our web and UX designers are also happy to work in a team with external designers.

This question can never be answered in general. It always depends on the scope of the project and the customer's input. Normally, the implementation of an MVP takes between 2 and 5 months. However, this can also vary.