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The DUNA formula

Every idea is unique. In order to create a perfectly coordinated project from the idea, the first step is to gather all the relevant information. After the briefing, we sort the important topics and get an overview. In this step, we want to understand the business model and define all relevant players. With the help of this data, we create a concept that sets the framework for the project.

Based on the learnings from step one, we design in an agile exchange with the customer. We create storyboards, user flows, mockups, prototypes, and create plans for backend and DevOps to then project everything. We define tasks, sprints, time frames, goals, and milestones.

Based on the previously set goals and milestones, the project team usually carries out two-week, iterative sprints with defined meetings, deadlines, goals, and set budgets. This agile way of working allows the customer to participate in the project – step by step and transparently.

You’ve made it! The idea and the project are completed. Well, basically. Each project is followed by a test phase in which functionality, design, stability, and all areas of application are put through their paces. In order for the project to be a complete success, we carry out a monitored market launch with our customers, in which user behavior can also be monitored and bugs solved on the fly. After the project is completed, we offer ongoing support.

Our customers

“We as the netgo group see ourselves as a trusted advisor for smart and intelligent digitization. Our IT solutions optimize our customers business and are the backbone of their business success. In order to ensure the increasing demand with consistent quality, we work together with DUNA. With DUNA we have a reliable partner who gives us the necessary flexibility and scalability that todays project business requires.”