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Angular development has become one of the preferred technologies for creating modern web applications in recent years. As an Angular agency with many years of experience, we offer customized solutions for your individual requirements. In doing so, we rely on a combination of highly qualified Angular developers, innovative technologies and effective working methods.

Angular for front-end technology

Optimized user interfaces and fast loading times - Angular is a proven framework for designing engaging and feature-rich user interfaces. Our experts create Single Page Applications (SPAs) and Responsive Design for optimal performance on all devices.

Angular with backend technology

Efficient data processing and API integration - Combined with powerful backend technologies, Angular enables seamless communication between frontend and backend. Our developers integrate APIs for data-intensive applications and ensure high scalability.

DevOps and Cloud

Automated processes and continuous improvement - Angular harmonizes perfectly with DevOps methodologies to make the development process agile and efficient. We rely on automation and continuous integration for constant optimization of your application, as well as effective cloud environments like AWS and Azure.

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We place great emphasis on web security and applying best practices when working with Angular to effectively secure your application against cyber-attacks and maintain the privacy of your users. To do this, we use technologies such as Headless CMS, S3 Buckets, and the AWS Cloudfront CDN, among others.

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With us you get all services around Angular development from a single source - from conception and implementation to maintenance and further development.

Support at every stage

We guide you from ideation and planning through development, implementation and beyond to ensure your application is successful.

Customized solutions

DUNA develops customized solutions that are precisely tailored to your specific requirements and goals.

Transparent communication

We place great emphasis on open and transparent communication throughout the development process to ensure that you are always informed about the progress of your project.

Reliable partner

Als renommierte Angular Agentur haben wir zahlreiche erfolgreiche Projekte realisiert und sind somit ein verlässlicher Partner für Ihre Webentwicklung.

More Power with Talent Hiring

For long-term, external projects, Duna has talent available - DUNA has an extensive pool of talented developers.


The duration of the development depends on the complexity and individual requirements of the project. We create a detailed schedule to give a realistic overview of the development process.

The cost depends on the size and complexity of the project, as well as the desired features and requirements. Contact us for an individual offer.

Our Angular developers have extensive experience in web development with Angular and other technologies. They are experts in JavaScript, HTML, CSS and have knowledge of backend technologies and DevOps.

DUNA relies on proven methodologies such as code reviews, automated testing, and continuous integration to ensure the quality of developed applications.

We offer comprehensive maintenance and support services to ensure that your application is always up to date and running smoothly. In addition, we support you in the continuous development of your application to respond to changing requirements and new technologies.

Data protection is a top priority for us. We develop GDPR-compliant applications and implement best practices for personal data protection.

We rely on close cooperation and transparent communication to ensure that requirements and wishes are optimally taken into account.

DUNA combines expertise, experience and innovative spirit to develop excellent Angular applications. With our customer-centric approach and focus on quality, security and performance, we are the ideal partner for your project.


Angular offers high scalability and flexibility, which makes it possible to adapt your application to future requirements. As an experienced Angular agency, we can develop your application to last even with increasing user numbers and changing market conditions.

Thanks to Angular's open architecture, we can easily integrate your application with other technologies and systems. This allows different components to work together efficiently and increases the functionality of your application.

Our customers

“We as the netgo group see ourselves as a trusted advisor for smart and intelligent digitization. Our IT solutions optimize our customers business and are the backbone of their business success. In order to ensure the increasing demand with consistent quality, we work together with DUNA. With DUNA we have a reliable partner who gives us the necessary flexibility and scalability that todays project business requires.”