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As a premier Vue.js agency at DUNA, our focus is on creating innovative and powerful web applications together with our talented Vue.js developers. With our extensive knowledge of JavaScript Vue.js and years of experience in web development, we are able to provide customized solutions that both meet the needs of your business and delight your customers.

Vue.js: front-end technology for modern web applications

Using Vue.js as a front-end technology allows us to develop engaging and dynamic user interfaces for your web applications. With our expertise in Vue, we create custom, interactive and lightweight single-page applications.

Vue.js and backend technologies: seamless integration

Our Vue.js developers are also experienced in integrating Vue.js with various backend technologies to create powerful and scalable web applications. We use APIs and cutting-edge backend technologies to ensure smooth communication between frontend and backend.

Vue.js and DevOps: Optimizing the development process

We leverage the synergy of Vue.js and DevOps to streamline the development process and deliver you faster, more efficient results. Our experts have extensive knowledge of DevOps practices and tools that facilitate the deployment and maintenance of Vue.js applications.

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7 reasons,
that make it easy for us to recommend ourselves


At DUNA, we emphasize web security and adherence to best practices in Vue.js development to protect your applications from potential threats.


Our collaboration with AWS enables us to develop high-performance web applications that provide optimal core web vitals.


At DUNA you get all services around Vue.js development from one source.


We take into account data protection guidelines such as the DSGVO and ensure that your website complies with the requirements without causing performance losses.

Support at every stage

We guide you from conception to development and maintenance of your Vue.js applications.

Project-based and talent leasing

We offer flexible collaboration models tailored to your individual needs, including project-based engagements or talent leasing.

More Power with Talent Hiring

For long-term, external projects, Duna has talent available - DUNA has an extensive pool of talented developers.


Vue.js is known for its lightness, flexibility and high performance, which makes it ideal for developing modern web applications.

Yes, we can analyze existing Vue.js applications and implement improvements in security, performance, and user experience.

Our developers are experienced in integrating Vue.js with a variety of backend technologies, such as Node.js, PHP, Ruby on Rails and many more.

Yes, we can build mobile web apps with Vue.js that work smoothly on multiple devices and platforms.

We provide comprehensive support services, including troubleshooting, updates, maintenance, and continuous improvements to ensure that your Vue.js application is always up to date and working optimally.

Our customers

“We as the netgo group see ourselves as a trusted advisor for smart and intelligent digitization. Our IT solutions optimize our customers business and are the backbone of their business success. In order to ensure the increasing demand with consistent quality, we work together with DUNA. With DUNA we have a reliable partner who gives us the necessary flexibility and scalability that todays project business requires.”