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React specialists

Duna Digital is an experienced React development agency that specializes in creating cutting-edge and user-friendly websites and web applications. We are a team of experienced React developers who are dedicated to providing our clients with an unparalleled user experience and taking their online presence to the next level. With our combination of technology expertise and design skills, we are able to meet our clients' exact requirements and help you run your online business successfully. Let's make your React project a reality together.


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React in the frontend

The choice of programming language for frontend development depends on the complexity needed. Our React agency prefers to use React for a pixel-perfect web presence.

Backend with JavaScript

We also offer success-proven backend and CMS systems to complement React development for a stable and secure web application.

DevOps and Cloud

We take care of cloud solutions and server-side issues and can implement the complete infrastructure for your web project. No matter if AWS, Azure, or classic server solutions. We develop high-performance and secure solutions that bring the React frontend and a backend together perfectly.


Want to start a React.JS project?

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More Power with Talent Hiring

For long-term, external projects, Duna has talent available - DUNA has an extensive pool of talented developers.

Our customers

“We as the netgo group see ourselves as a trusted advisor for smart and intelligent digitization. Our IT solutions optimize our customers business and are the backbone of their business success. In order to ensure the increasing demand with consistent quality, we work together with DUNA. With DUNA we have a reliable partner who gives us the necessary flexibility and scalability that todays project business requires.”